PM has no time for House: MP Shakya

Kathmandu, August 12:

CPN-UML member of parliament Asta Laxmi Shakya today lamented that the Prime Minister has no time to attend the proceedings of the parliamentary Special Hearing Committee.

“We have time and time again sought the presence of Prime Minister Koirala in the proceedings of the SHC to discuss certain things with him. But we have not yet been given time,” Shakya, who is the member of the parliamentary committee, said today while speaking in parliament.

The committee has been under pressure to clear the names of the aspiring envoys and other officials of constitutional importance but has not been able to discuss certain aspects of the appointments in constitutional positions with Prime Minister Koirala who is by dint of his position under obligation to reply to the queries raised by the committee members.

The SHC has repeatedly written to the government to make appointments in the NHRC and other constitutional bodies, but to no avail.

CPN-M member of parliament Janardan Sharma launched an assault on Prime Minister Koirala in particular and the Nepali Congress (NC) in general “for working against the constituent assembly polls”.

“We have seen that neither PM nor the NC are keen on the election. This explains why they are not working to create right atmosphere for the election,” Sharma, who is also Maoist whip in parliament, said.