Kathmandu, July 14:

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala should have resigned from his post when the Nepali Congress and the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) refused to implement some points of the SPA-Maoist agreement, Maoist leader Matrika Yadav said today addressing a programme organised by Mitrakunj.

PM Koirala signed the eight-point agreement but the SPA is strongly against dissolving the Parliament, he said.

He urged the people to wake up and press the government and the SPA to make the peace process successful. Everybody, including the civilians and civil society, are taking a rest at the moment. The civil society is in a wait and watch mood, he said.

Monarchy should be completely eliminated and the country should move towards the direction of a republican democracy through the interim constitution, he said.

“An October Revolution of a completely Nepali nature would be launched if the ongoing peace process fails,” he said.

“However, people will point fingers at us if we resume our movement at this juncture and if not the palace will be more active,” he said.

During the Jana Andolan II, the US Ambassador James Moriarty said, “They would respect the people’s decisions during but now they want the people to respect their decision,” Yadav said.

He warned that Nepal will disintegrate if the citizenship issues of the Terai people are ignored. “The Terai people will no longer remain a silent spectators if they can not exercise their rights,” he said.

Likewise, Madhesis will not participate in the election to the constituent assembly if they continue to be deprived of citizenships.

Kashi Raj Dahal, former Secretary of the Judicial Council, said that the constituent assembly may not guarantee stable democratic system. “The constituent assembly could invite autocracy,” he said urging the concerned parties including the political parties to settle the ongoing issues.