PM to blame if polls not held on time, says Nepal

Charikot, June 23:

General secretary of the CPN-UML Madhav Kumar Nepal today said that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala will be held responsible if the constituent assembly (CA) polls were not held by mid-December.

“Regressive forces are already active and the leadership of the government is incompetent,” Nepal said, expressing doubts over the possibility of the PM announcing the date for the CA polls in the meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

“The PM himself will be history along with monarchy if he insists on going along with a

minor monarch.”

Speaking at a programme organised to impart training to cadres of the CPN-UML, Nepal said, “Action should be taken against PM Koirala if he fails to hold the polls by mid-December.”

Saying that Koirala as PM will outlive his utility if he does not hold the polls on the stipulated date, Nepal said, “The situation of the country will be different if the PM is ousted for failing to hold the polls by mid-June.”

Attributing the “prolongation of the transitional phase to “lack of courage on the part of the PM”, Nepal warned of dire consequences if the CA elections are delayed further.

Nepal said his party is planning to strengthen People’s Volunteers to make the internal security of the party strong.

Meanwhile, addressing the sixth CPN-UML district conference in Banepa of Kavre, Nepal termed the Maoist-affiliated Young Communist League cadres ‘evil spirits’. “People from all sectors of the society are being troubled by YCL cadres.”

“YCL, which is troubling people excessively, will harm the CPN-Maoist party. Maoist chairperson Prachanda should understand this,” he said, adding that the YCL will cause the liquidation of the CPN-Maoist just as the Mandale caused the end of the Panchayati system in the country.

“YCL is an ever-hungry elephant whose hunger is never appeased, no matter how much it eats,” he said.