PM’s sermon to govt staff: Institutionalise change

Kathmandu, September 7:

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ today urged civil servants to help implement the Interim Constitution’s provision on federal republic.

Dahal was addressing a a function organised at the PM’s official residence in Baluwatar on the occasion of the Civil Servants’ Day. The government will try its best to boost

the morale of government employees, who do their bit to institutionalise the political change, he said, threatening to take action against all those who flout the rule.

“You are witness to political upheavals that have taken place since the 1960’s. As you know, the Maoists have a different background and you are working under the Maoist government. One can hardly experience such tumultuous changes in his lifetime,” the PM said. “The bureaucracy must accept this fact and be ready to work in a changed political situation.”

“We are trying to build a new Nepal dismantling feudal institutions and norms and values associated with them. Old norms and values are gone, but the new ones are yet to take root. We are yet to bring the peace process to a logical conclusion,” the PM said.

The government will finalise its policies and programmes by tomorrow, he said. “Future of the government will depend on how the bureaucracy, the backbone of the government, executes government policies and programmes,” he said.

Minister for Law, Justice and Constituent Assembly Affairs Dev Gurung and Chief Secretary Dr Bhojraj Ghimire also urged the civil servants to institutionalise the change and perform their duties and responsibilities as per the government’s policies and programmes. Around 12 civil servants were given certificates for their outstanding performance last year.