Poachers on the prowl in Achham

Achham, November 13:

Poaching of musk deer is on the rise in Ramaroshan area in Accham district, thanks to the apathy shown by authorities concerned.

The spiralling incidents of poaching have failed to move the Accham District Forest Office and other agencies, which are entrusted with conserving wildlife, according to locals. The rampant poaching has caused a drastic decline in the number of the endangered species.

“Some years ago, we used to see several herds of musk deer. These days, we hardly spot a musk deer, thanks to rising incidents of poaching,” said a teacher, Nara Bahadur Buda.

“Poachers from Achham, Bajura and Kalikot districts are on the prowl and have been killing the endangered species.”

“We urged authorities to check the poaching of this rare animal, to no avail. The authorities’ inaction has boosted the morale of poachers,” said Lal Bahadur Budha, a former chairman of

Ramaroshan Village Development Committee. “Smugglers are behind the poaching of the

rare animal.”

The staffers of the District Forest Office do not bother to visit the Ramaroshan area, grudged

the villagers.

The area was declared a tourism destination this year, but poaching continues unabated. “Constituent Assembly members from Achham, Sher Bahadur Kunwar and Sarad Bhandari, visited the area recently, but the poaching alarm did not move the two,” said the villagers.

The locals have asked lawmakers to take initiatives for the protection of musk deer.