Mayor GC pledges improved services

Pokhara, June 30

Newly elected Mayor of Pokhara-Lekhnath Metropolitan City Man Bahadur GC today pledged to improve delivery of public services.

Organising a press meet a month after assuming the office today, Mayor GC said, “We will provide quality services in time from our office. All related documents and files will be kept in an organised way so that service seekers do not have to go through unnecessary hassle.”

He also vowed to take action against staff members who procrastinated while discharging their duties. “All of them have to act promptly without any dilly-dallying,” GC said, adding that he would make arrangements for service delivery from ward offices by delegating certain powers to those local units. There are a total of 65 wards in the metropolis.

The metropolis would require 1,000 to 1,500-strong staff for effective delivery of services to the public after being upgraded to a metropolitan city. Currently, it has around 300 staff members. Recently it has banned vehicles, excluding ambulances, fire engines and those used for security, from honking.

The mayor also said his office was devising a new strategy to manage parking of vehicles across the city, adding that the metropolis would implement the strategy within a month in coordination with the private sector.

He further pledged that the metropolis would be developed into a ‘smart’ city, which would be friendly to children, women, disabled and the elderly.