Pokhara students step up poll-activity flurry

Pokhara, February 26:

Students on the Prithvi Narayan Campus have intensified their activities for the Free Students’ Union polls to be held on February 28.

Students affiliated to different unions are actively distributing their manifestos, promising to protect the rights of students, among the approximately 10,000 students in the college.

Contestants are visiting the house of every voter in Pokhara and Lekhnath municipalities.

Yog Raj Lamichhane, who filed his candidacy for the post of president as a Nepal Students’ Union (NSU) hopeful, said he has had no time to go home for the last four Meanwhile, the All Nepal National Free Students’ Union (ANNFSU) staged rallies in different parts of the city. The rally that started from main entrance of the college went through the thoroughfares of the city before converting into a meeting on the campus premises. Addressing the gathering, former president of FSU Rajiv Pahari said there would be healthy and friendly competition in the poll and that the victory of either union would be a victory of democracy. He added that they were determined to ensure more than 70 per cent voter turnout, in order to teach a lesson to the “regressive government”.

Central member of ANNFSU, Shivaji Gurung also addressed the function. ANNFSU was the victor in previous polls, but independent observers say that this year the result are likely to be a mixed one for the total 15 candidates.

From ANNFSU, Padam Giri is contesting for the post of president whereas Yoga Raj Lamichhane is the common candidate of NSU and NSU (Democratic) for the post while Nawaraj Dhungana is contesting from ANNFSU (Unified) for the same.