Police fire tear gas to quell clash over tender

TANAHUN: Police fired two warning shots and four tear gas shells during a clash between the local youth and LG Group Pokhara on the last day of submitting a tender for the irrigation projects in Tanahun today.

The tear gas caused more than 100 students of Satyawati Higher

Secondary School to faint. An eyewitness said the police had fired the shells on the school premises too.

According to the school administration, the students were treated in Damauli Hospital. A teacher at Balmandir Lower Secondary School had also faced the problem.

The clash occurred when the locals intervened as contractors from Pokhara, Dulegauda and Khairenitar

were about to submit their bids at the

office gate. A group

had tried to enter the office forcefully after the deadline.

DSP Ishwori Chapagain said the police had swung into action to take the situation under control. A stampede broke out when the police started firing and charging batons.

According to the police, 14 youths have

been held in connection with the incident. DSP Chapagain said they could not overpower the mob with batons alone. He said the protesters also hurled stones at the police.

On January 15, the irrigation office had invited tender for four projects with an estimated cost of Rs 44 million.

According to sub-division chief Keshav Baral, tenders had been received only for two projects.

Gita Construction Syangja has submitted its bid for Gadijhauri and Golme Sakhe irrigation projects.