Police impose hooch ban in Bajura villages

Bajura, June 11

District Police Office, Bajura has deployed a police team to implement a ban on the production, sale and consumption of hooch in the district after increasing criminal activities were reported.

The police team raided taverns operating in various VDCs of the district and seized more than 2,500 litres of illegal hooch in two months as part of the illegal alcohol control campaign from the district headquarters Martadi, Betalmandau, Kolti, Tipada and Bhaunair Bazaar, among other places, informed Inspector Harihar Sunar at the DPO.

Police informed that the seized hooch was made from rice grains procured from Nepal Food Corporation. DSP Dal Bahadur Bogati of the DPO said the rice was sold from the corporation’s depot in Martadi, Kawadi and Kolti.

Two persons have died due to heavy consumption of homemade alcohol in the district.

Chakra Rokaya, a local, said the sale and consumption of hooch resulted in frequent drunken brawls among the villagers. DSP Bogati informed that the DPO received around three to four incidents related to alcohol related violence on a daily basis while cases of violence against women and domestic violence had also increased in the district.

The office has sought support from all to help make the campaign successful, adding that the ban on sale and consumption of hooch would also pave way towards building a peaceful and crime-free society.

Police said they would impose complete ban on the production and consumption of hooch in local bazaars and village areas, among other places of the district.

Meanwhile, the police team along with the locals have also been destroying marijuana planation in the villages.