Police units in all local levels of Province 7: AIGP Nepal

DHANGADHI: Additional Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Madhav Prasad Nepal has said that police units will be established in all the local levels within July.

Speaking at the press conference organised by District Police Office at the District Administration Office, Doti, AIGP Nepal stressed that the lack of adequate police personnel have been hampering peace and security maintenance in the province; despite of this, police have been active in the crime prevention and control.

Police has arrested 36 persons and seized as many as 44 kilograms of hashish from assorted locations of Province 7 since November 24.

“Since my deployment to the province as the police chief, 60 grams of heroine, 21 ampoules of Phenargan, 118 tablets of Nitrovetan have been seized,” informed AIGP Nepal, Chief of Police of Province 7.

He added that there are only about 7,000 police personnel in the province; lack of sufficient human resources and its management are creating difficulties.

“I have corresponded with the upper levels regarding the provision of 4,000 more police personnel in the province,” said AIGP Nepal.

“All the local levels will have police units within June,” he informed, adding “police units in all local levels will be under the leadership of Deputy Superintendent of Police or Police Inspector, as per the soon to be revised Police Act.” According to Nepal, Police Act is in the process of amendment and discussion is being held for the same.

Additionally, during the press conference, AIGP Nepal shared that police have also realised the ill effects of alcohol consumption on peace and security of an area, while expressing that this responsibility is not of Nepal Police alone because police can’t stop the licenced liquor shops from selling alcohol.

He, therefore, pledged that if all concerned parties make the decision to stop selling alcohol all over the district or in certain locations, police is ready to execute that decision.