Polls will be conducted on time, says Koirala

Biratnagar, August 4:

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala today assured chiefs of security organs in the eastern region that he will hold the constituent assembly elections on time.

Issuing directives to the chiefs of the security organs at his residence, Koirala said, “Holding polls on the stipulated time is my responsibility. Your responsibility is to maintain law and order.”

Koirala, who arrived here yesterday, told the security chiefs not to believe in rumours. “I will face the situation if there arises a condition in which holding polls is not possible,” he said. “Holding the polls is my political responsibility and it is the responsibility of police to provide security.”

Security chiefs had drawn the attention of the PM towards poll-related rumours.

Terming the spread of such rumours natural, Koirala directed the chiefs not to believe in rumours to the effect that the polls will not be held.

“Don’t doubt and worry. You go to the villages with high spirit and make the people aware of the polls,” he said. “I will settle the political issue. I will combat the problems.”

The security chiefs told the PM that government officials in some Tarai districts are insecure.

Koirala assured the chiefs that the Tarai problem will be resolved through talks.

PM Koirala also met flood victims and said they will be resettled soon. Koirala is scheduled to return to the capital tomorrow morning.