Damauli, May 23

Residents of Bhundatar and Nahala of Bandipur Rural Municipality, who are reeling under water crisis have been loaning money for the construction of a drinking water project.

Locals from low income families are compelled to take loans after Chhap-Nalaha Consumers’ Committee reached a decision to collect Rs 35,000 per household, to construct Bhundatar Nalaha Drinking Water Project. Some of the locals have sold their cattle including buffaloes, goats while others have obtained loans to contribute to the water project.

Chhap-Nalaha Consumers’ Committee Chairman Parshuram Adhikari said they were compelled to raise Rs 35,000 from every  household, as the total cost of the water project  stood at Rs 10 crore.

“It is a big amount for a poor farmer like me,” said a local, Durga Nepali. She said she loaned the money from Srijanshil Mothers’ Group to fund the water project. Sabitri Neupane said she collected Rs 20,000 by selling her goats. She plans to loan Rs 15,000 to supplement the amount to be donated for the project.

Around 110 households reside in Bhundatar and Nahala. The water project started after Lawmaker Krishna Kumar Shrestha secured Rs 30 lakh from the local infrastructure development programme, for the project.