‘Postal Highway crucial for development of Madhes’


Chief Minister of Lumbini Province Shankar Pokhrel has said the prime minister took the decision to go to the people by dissolving the House of Representatives after visualising the crisis in the country.

Inaugurating the Regional Transport Office constructed at Kapilvastu today, the CM suggested that the agitating Dahal-Nepal faction should join the election campaign. Pokhrel also said the Postal Highway would be crucial for the development of Madhes.

Stating that the Postal Highway was the top priority of the province government, the CM believed that the living standard of citizens in the province would improve after construction of the road. Pokhrel said Naumure Irrigation Project was in progress in Kapilvastu and it would address the issues of farmers.

Likewise, Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Development Baijanath Chaudhary said the province government had allocated the largest amount of budget for the RTO road and completed its construction.

Chaudhary said three reservoirs would be constructed to ensure irrigation facilities in the western region of the district. He added that 54 bridges were completed in the first year of the incumbent province government, 33 in the second year and the DPR work of 273 bridges had been initiated in the current fiscal year.

Public life has become much comfortable with the widening of the Krishnanagar RTO road. The province government constructed the 11-km road with an investment of Rs 157.7 million.