Potable water shortage hits Khotang

KHOTANG: Acute shortage of drinking water has hit people across the district.

Residents of Likkiramchhe VDC have been affected, as the only water project in the area is in a dilapidated condition. More than 1,500 households in the village are without easy access to water as the water project constructed a decade ago has not been maintained.

Local teacher Niraj Rai said the residents of Mave, Lichki, Bhadaure, Khambari, Dhuseni, Deurali, Simle, Bastipur, Ambote, Kubhinde areas of the VDC had to walk three hours to collect water. They are also forced to consume unsafe water from rivers and streams. The water project was constructed with the financial assistance of Asian Development Bank and District Development Committee. The source of water is 10 km away from the village. Meanwhile, denizens of the western parts of the district have also been facing shortage of drinking water as the sources have been drying up.

Most of the springs in Halesi, Durchhim, Chyasmitar, Badahare and Mangaltar are drying up. A Durchhim resident, Daya Rai lamented that the villagers were compelled to walk 3 hours to get water.