Poultry in grip of mystery disease

DAMAK: Dozens of chicken died today after falling ill for three days to an unknown disease at the Beldangi Bhutanese Refugee Camps in Damak,Jhapa.

The Camp Management Committee informed that the fowls in all three camps had the similar symptoms of drooling and twisting their necks before they died. According to TB Gurung, secretary of Beldangi Camp no-1, the disease has not been identified so far. Birds from the camps were culled ever since Bird Flu spread in Kakadbhitta and Sharanamati of the district a few days ago.

Meanwhile, Dr Nirmal Rimal, director at Aamda Hospital that provides health service to the Bhutanese refugees, said that he was unaware of the disease in the camps. He added that a team of health workers was standby to fight the spread of any disease in the camps.

He informed that awareness campaigns to prevent from various diseases have been launched in different refugee camps at Jhapa and Morang districts. The Bhutanese refugees have been secretly rearing the domestic animals against the country's legal provision.