Power supply disrupted in eastern hilly districts

PASHUPATINAGAR: Power supply in the hilly districts of eastern region has been disrupted for the past 24 hours due to some technical glitches in the central transmission line.

Electricity supply was halted in Ilam, Panchthar and Taplejung districts after the wires of two transmission lines of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) were disconnected. The electric poles of 33 KV, supplying power from Birtamod of Jhapa to Taplejung, were damaged due to a landslide that occurred four days ago in Kiteni of Rong Municipality in Ilam district.

Likewise, 132 KV transmission line from Padajundi-Rajduwali has also had technical problems, forcing the residents of the three districts to live under darkness.

Thousands of people have been deprived of power supply while hundreds of factories in the eastern districts have stopped production due to power halt.

Chief of NEA Ilam Distribution Centre, Rabin Babu Ghimire, said that power was supplied from another 132 KV Kabeli corridor, however, that too has witnessed problems following powerful storms.

According to Ghimire, efforts are ongoing to fix the poles of the 33 KV electricity transmission line along Birtamod-Tapjelung by this evening.

Likewise, NEA technicians have been trying to fix the problems of the 132 KV Kabeli corridor transmission line from early morning today.