Pre-monsoon becomes active, thundershowers likely for next few days

KATHMANDU: The Meteorological Forecasting Division has predicted the possibility of thundershowers for the next few days, citing that pre-monsoon has become active.

Some parts of the central and eastern regions and a few places of the western region are likely to see brief rain accompanied by lightning, gusty winds and hailstones for the next few days, according to the Division.

The country will experience partly to generally cloudy weather during the period.

Thundershowers accompanied by winds and hailstones are predicted in several places in the country including Kathmandu for the next couple of days due to the impact of westerly wind entering the country from Bay of Bengal, said meteorologist Min Kumar Aryal.

The hilly region including Kathmandu valley is witnessing the pre-monsoon which generally begins in March and ends in April.