Pregnant woman’s death sparks violence

Lumjung, October 9:

The relatives of a pregnant woman, who died allegedly due to the carelessness of a physician, vandalised Lumjung community hospital this morning.

Nineteen-year-old Bhagawati Adhikari was brought to the hospital for delivery but died

in course of a caesarean operation. On hearing the news, the irate family vandalized operation theatre, nursing room and window panes of the hospital accusing the physician of


“Despite my opposition to caesarean operation, the physician went for it in a careless manner,” alleged Surya Adhikari, one of the relatives of the deceased. “Normal delivery was scheduled for November 5,” he added.

Dr Jagannath Tiwari of the hospital said the surgery was carried out after it was found that the infant had excreted inside mother’s uterus.

Bhagwati died five hours after the caesarean delivery due to high blood pressure but the baby is safe, he added.

A large number of police personnel were deployed on the hospital premises after the violence.

The locals, who gathered in the hospital to express solidarity with the bereaved family, were demanding legal action against physicians Dr Lomi, Dr Jagannath Tiwari and Dr Tilak, who were involved in the surgery.

Hospital administrator Shanker Devkota claimed the hospital has always been taking utmost care of the patients.

“Sometimes unexpected happens. That should not be treated as negligence,” he added.