Preparation begins for setting up Province 7 chief’s office

Dhangadi, January 18

After the government declared temporary provincial capitals and governors for all seven provinces yesterday, preparations for setting up office and residence of the governor, and the provincial assembly hall have begun in Dhangadi, the temporary capital of Province 7.

“As province chiefs are supposed to take the oath of office and secrecy soon, we have started setting up the residence and office of the governor of Province 7,” said regional Administrator Laxmi Ram Poudel, who arrived in Dhangadi leading a team today.

He said his team would finalise the building for the office and residence of the province chief by tomorrow. The team also inspected the state-owned government offices as per the report prepared by the Urban Development and Building Construction Division Office, earlier.

After the inspection, Poudel said the building used by the Regional Forest Directorate at LN Chowk and the office and guest house used by the regional irrigation directorate were suitable for the office and residence of the governor. “The ground floor of the regional irrigation directorate can be used for the secretariat of the governor while the guest house as the residence,” said Poudel.

The team comprises Deputy Regional Administrator Shankar Bista and UDBCDO Chief Rabindra Bohara.