Preparations on for municipal polls: CEC

Himalayan News Service

Bhairahawa, April 21:

Chief Election Commissioner Keshav Raj Rajbhandari today said the commission has already begun preparations for municipal elections. Speaking at a meet-the-press programme here, Rajbhandari said the municipal election will be held soon after the task of updating the voters’

list is completed. “I cannot give you exact date for the elections, but be assured it won’t definitely go beyond next mid-April. We have already begun necessary preparations” Rajbhandari said. He said the date for the municipal elections will be announced after discussions with all concerned parties. Rajbhandari claimed that he had met with local political

leaders, heads of government offices and security bodies, and all of them were positive on elections. “The task of updating the voters’ list has begun from April 14 in all 75 districts. Some problems have cropped up but we will solve them too,” he said.

He said the hurdle in travelling of secretaries of village development committees, who are assistant name registration officers, to the villages to update the list will be solved in cooperation and coordination with the security forces. “In Terai, citizenship certificate has also come up as an obstacle,” he said. “The issue needs serious consideration and we have talked to the chief district officers. Everyone should cooperate to stop non-Nepalis from contesting and voting in the polls, while not barring any Nepali from his right to the same.”

It may be recalled that the King in his New Year 2062 message had ordered holding of elections in all municipalities within 2062.