Preparations on to set up Province 3 offices

Hetauda, January 24

With the government’s declaration of Hetauda as the provisional capital of Province 3, preparations are under way to set up offices of ministries, in Makawanpur.

According to Chief District Officer Chakra Bahadur Budha, they are preparing to set up offices of provincial ministries in the buildings of regional forest office, division cooperative office, district education office, regional health directorate,  labour office, district forest office and the hall of Hetauda Textile Industry.

Similarly, the buildings of women development office, district public health office and agriculture development office will also house the ministries.

The building of Hetauda Cement Industry will be used as quarters for ministers. The building currently housing the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority branch office will be used as the residence of the chief minister.

Preparations are also under way to relocate the division co-operative office and the district education office and the District Coordination Council office. Likewise, the regional administration office will be used as office of the governor and the hall of the regional education directorate as the secretariat of the provincial assembly, as per CDO Budha.

The district coordination committee office is set to be used as the office of chief minister and council of ministers. The buildings which have been proposed for housing ministries and other offices will be repaired after the existing offices are transferred elsewhere, according to the building technology and research training centre Chief Sudip Acharya.