Preparations underway to set up quarantine checkpost in Gauriphanta

DHANGADI: The Government of India has started making preparations to set up a quarantine check-post in Gauriphanta, at the Indo-Nepal Border.

Along with Gauriphanta, Bhittamode will also have a quarantine checkpoint within one week, regarding which the industrialists from Province 7 have shown high anticipation.

It has been learnt that having a quarantine check-post setup in Gauriphanta would benefit farmers in Province 7 given the problems they had to face in its absence, such as high freight costs when exporting agro-products to India via Nepalgunj.

According to Industrialist Om Prakash Agrawal, setting up a quarantine checkpoint in Gauriphanta will not only assist in the agricultural exports but also provide a fair return to the farmers.

Likewise, the industrialists would be benefitted in terms of time and transportation as Province 7 will not have to depend on other provinces for exports, as they had been on Province 5 for years.