Primary health centre sans doctor in Bajura

BAJURA: The Kolti Primary Health Centre in Bajura district has been providing health services without a doctor for the past one month.

After the doctors were transferred to another district, heath assistants are operating the health centre, Dr Mohan Nath of the District Health Office (DHO) informed.

Dr Kul Raj Shahi and Dr Rabin Banjadi were transferred to another districts in June and July respectively, the DHO informed.

More than 100 patients visit the health centre on a daily basis.

According to senior Assistant Health Worker Ashok Kumar Yadav, the health centre has been providing health services only to those patients with minor problems.

He, however, informed that the centre has been referring serious patients to Nepalgunj, Dhangadhi and Bayalgada among other places.

He informed that the locals of 11 VDCs of Bajura, Humla and Mugu come to the health centre for the treatment.

Due to lack of doctors, the health centre has also stopped conducting postmortem.