Prime accused of gold smuggling, murder case taken to Kathmandu

BIRATNAGAR: Prime accused of the infamous gold smuggling and murder case have been transferred to Kathmandu for further legal proceedings. They were taken to the capital city in an early morning flight, on Monday.

Chudamani Upreti (Gorey), Bhujung Gurung and Tsering Wangdel Ghale were brought to Kathmandu for investigation by the anti-money laundering department after seeking permission from District Court, Morang. The court had given its approval on Sunday.

According to Shankar Prasad Poudyal, jailer at District Prison, Morang, they were sent to Kathmandu on a flight at 8:00 am.

Upreti alias Gorey is the main accused in the gold smuggling and Sanam Shakya murder case whereas Gurung and his brother-in-law Ghale are the accused investors in the smuggling racket.

Gorey had been arrested on May 22, the same day on which 28 others accused had been sent to judicial custody. While giving his statement at the court, Gorey had pointed towards Ghale and accused him of planning the transactions and said that he was only the carrier.

Likewise, Bhujung Gurung, in his statement to the police had said that matters would come to light if Ghale was brought under police custody. However, Ghale had denied his involvement in the case while giving his statement at the court on June 3.

Upreti and Ghale were in judicial custody at District Prison, Morang in Biratnagar while Gurung had been remanded at Regional Prison, Jhumka.