Oli dismisses Madhav Nepal’s statement

Kathmandu, October 4

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli today dismissed Madhav Kumar Nepal’s recent address to the Parliament in which the latter criticised the government, saying the country was about to collapse.

In a veiled response to the senior leader of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP), Oli said a person’s ‘poetic expression’ should not be taken seriously.

“Someone remembering an old song is not a very big issue. These are temporary things, we should not run after them,” said Oli, addressing a press conference at Tribhuvan International Airport upon arrival from New York after taking part in the 73rd United Nations General Assembly.

“You have seen the signs. This government will last its full five year term. It will hold general elections after five years and come out even stronger.”

Oli also claimed that the Nepali people were aware of the government’s achievements in relation to strengthening federalism, democracy and republicanism; enactment of laws related to fundamental rights; revision of old laws to make them compatible with the present context; and execution of development works.

He asked if it was wise to complain about the budget just two months after its announcement. “Nepal has not become a poor country in the last seven months, neither were the roads in good condition seven months ago,” Oli said. “So in a democracy, we need to present ourselves with facts. If someone can be happy just by criticising others, I do not have anything to say.”

Oli said his close friendship with Nepal dated back to 1972, and urged all not to worry.

The prime minister also claimed that the government had done no wrong, but only good work, be it within the country or outside.

“Not only have relations with India and China reached new heights, but we have also  forged harmonious relations with all other countries. We took part in the UNGA, where we clearly stated our achievements, needs, future plans and vision,” he said.