Private land, houses still in CPN-Maoist cadres’ clutches

Baitadi, July 27:

The Maoists have not yet returned seized private land and houses of individuals.

They have been holding private land and houses of four persons, including the homestead of former prime minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand. Chand’s 102 ropani and five anna of land at Gokuleshwor-3 has been under seize since August 18, 2001, a relative said. The Maoists have also looted belongings from his house, he added.

Thirty-two ropani of land owned by former DIG of Nepal Police Rana Bahadur Chand at Gokuleshwor-1 was also seized by the Maoists on July 10, 2003, a source at the district administration said.

Kamman Bahadur Pal’s 10-room house and 35 ropani of land at Rudreswor-7 is

also under the Maoists’ seize. Pal has been living in Mahendranagar after his property was seized in 2002.

A shop owned by former VDC chairman of Sarmali VDC Hajari Saud is also under the Maoists’ seize. Maoists have locked the shop, a local said.

A group of Maoists had looted the shop on August 14, 2004.

A member of the CPN-UML district committee, Saud confirmed the seize. The Maoists have been using the three-room government building of the postal office at Melauli-2. They have set up a liaison office there. Despite appeals by parties, the Maoists have not returned seized properties to rightful owners.

Properties belonging to Melauli-based Bhagwati temple is also under Maoist seize, local said. Human rights activist Sher Bahadur Chand said, “The Maoists are flouting the comprehensive peace treaty by not returning the seized private land and houses.”

However, Maoist leader Dhan Bahadur Bohara claimed that all seized land and houses were had been handed over to the rightful owners.