Process to rehabilitate freed tillers begins

BAJURA, July 24

The government has initiated the process to rehabilitate the tillers in remote Bajura villages, seven years after their emancipation.

The tillers, who were forced to work on the land of their landlords for years, were freed seven years ago and recently provided with land and houses by the state.

Chief District Officer Dhan Prasad Sharma Poudel said that 30 families have been rehabilitated by providing houses and land in the first phase.

“Those who didn’t have land were provided with the land, whereas in case of those who didn’t have houses were provided with houses,” said CDO Sharma Poudel. Those who had their houses in dilapidated condition were assisted to repair them.

At least seven landless and eight homeless families and 15 families with their houses in vulnerable situations were rehabilitated in the first phase. Land Revenue Office Chief Janmajay Sah said that at least 400 to 920 square meters of land was provided to each family. According to him, the houses have been constructed after purchasing land at Thimichour, Kolti VDC of the district.

Kaluwa Lawar, one of the freed tillers, expressed his happiness after getting the ownership of the house after years of struggle and hardships. “We didn’t even have a single piece of land in our name. We were compelled to take shelter under a hut in a piece of land provided by the landlord. Now we are happy as the government has provide us with land and house in our ownership,” said Lawar.

The government had promised Rs 300,000 for the construction of house and Rs 1,50,000 for the purchase of land in the hilly areas. Though it is said that there are 1,345 freed tillers’ families, only 921 have received identity cards in the district so far.