Phidim, June 16 Despite government provision that projects to be funded by the Electoral Constituency Development Programme should have been recommended by the concerned area council, the provision is being blatantly flouted in Panchthar. As a case in point, the ruling CPN-UML party has decided to use more than 25 per cent of the ECDP fund to construct a monument to commemorate its late leaders in Panchthar. A meeting held under the chairmanship of Ganesh Kumar Kambang, a legislator representing CPN-UML, allocated Rs 3.5 million of the total fund of Rs 10 million to construct Puspalal-Madan-Ashriti Memorial Building. UML district Secretary Tiwendraraj Chapagain, however, claimed he did not have any knowledge about the breach of any provision in the matter. “It is true that we are planning to build a monument in memory of our late party leaders, but the Pushpalal-Madan-Ashrit Memorial Foundation is in the registration process now. As for using the ECDP fund for the purpose, there has been no concrete decision whatsoever so far,” he said. Local Development Officer Komal Prasad Dhamala confirmed that the project has been allowed to proceed. “Though the project wasn’t proposed by the Area Council, it was accepted at the behest of Ganesh Kumar Kambang,” he said, vowing to withdraw approval for the project if it was found to be out of line with the directives. As per the directives, 15 projects can be selected to be built with the ECDP fund of Rs 15 million given to each parliamentarian. Local civil society leaders have criticised the concerned authorities for randomly selecting projects against the directives, and demanded that the parties put the fund to use for development projects sanctioned by the area council.