Proposal to call Province 5 Lumbini tabled in PA


A proposal was registered at the Provincial Assembly of Province 5, seeking to name the province as ‘Lumbini’ and make Dang Deukhuri as its permanent headquarters. Internal Affairs and Law Minister Kul Prasad KC of the provincial government tabled the proposal at the PA today.

The province will get its name and permanent headquarters once the proposal is ratified by the PA. The next meeting of the PA is scheduled for Monday.

This morning, a meeting of the provincial cabinet had approved Dang Deukhuri as the permanent provincial headquarters and agreed to name the province as Lumbini Province. The constitution has entrusted the provincial assembly with the right to name the province and decide its capital.

Most lawmakers of the Nepali Congress and the Janata Socialist Party had protested after the minister registered the proposal at the PA today. Meanwhile, the proposal to name Dang Deukhuri as the provincial capital has sparked protests across the province.

In Butwal, angry protesters vandalised three government vehicles, including a jeep used by Social Development Committee President Dirgha Narayan Pande. Protests were also held in Butwal’s Nepalgunj Road, Pushpalal Park and Traffic Chowk.

Though PA members were divided on the proposal to name Dang Deukhuri as the province’s permanent headquarters, they were unanimous about calling the province Lumbini.