Protesters released

Kathmandu, March 6:

Proesters, who were detained in the morning while they were demonstrating outside the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and demanding the government to make the whereabouts of the disappeared people public, were released by the police later in the evening in the presence of NHRC officials.

The police had detained Durga KC, Sharmila Tripathi, Rajmati Maharjan, Dinam Rai, Rita Thapa, Sanu Maharjan, and Shanta Rayamajhi in the morning when they tried to enter the NHRC.

“The police took the concerned individuals in their van and pushed us when we tried to stop them from taking the protesters,” said an NHRC source. However, the police handed over the detainees to NHRC officials Achyut Acharya, Dhani Ram Sapkota and Madhav Gautam after the officials went to the Jawalakhel District Police Office to get them freed, the source said. The police had entered the NHRC premises last night and forcibly taken the protesters in a van and released them in Thapathali. There are no protesters on the NHRC premises today, the source said.

The Association of the Families of the Disappeared People by the State had been protesting on NHRC premises since March 2 urging the government to make public the whereabouts of those who have disappeared in government custody.

HURON has urged the government to respect the demands of the Association of the Families of the Disappeared People by the State. According to the statement, Moti Maya Poudel has been admitted to a hospital after being injured on yesterday’s incident. The NHRC expressed concern over the incident of police dragging away detainees from its premises last night.