Province 2 govt committed to developing media sector: CM Raut


Chief Minister of Province 2 Lalbabu Raut said that the provincial government was committed to development of the media sector.

At the 10th annual general assembly of Saptari chapter of Federation of Nepali Journalists at Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality of Saptari district yesterday, Chief Minister Raut opined that the role of journalists was significant at a time when the country was reeling under crisis. Saying good governance and prosperity could not be imagined in the country without the development of media sector, he stressed the need to develop media houses.

CM Raut said the provincial government was serious about the welfare of the media sector and journalists as well as their problems.

He informed that the provincial government was going ahead with activities for the formation of a separate media authority as well as media council for the development of the media sector.

He said, “Democracy will be safe only if the media is in the frontline.”

Minister of Land Management and Cooperatives of Province 2 Shailendra Prasad Saha also reiterated the provincial government’s commitment to press freedom.