Province 2 PA meet obstructed

Janakpurdham, December 31

Members of Provincial Assembly obstructed PA meeting for the second consecutive day today, citing the absence of the chief minister, who, they demanded must present himself at the meeting and respond to their queries.

Earlier, the PA members had obstructed the first PA meeting held after a hiatus of about a month-and-a-half, citing non-payment for the development projects run and completed in last fiscal.

Following the obstruction yesterday, the meeting was halted and scheduled for today, on condition that Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut would appear at the meeting and explain the delay in the payment all these months.

PA members representing the ruling NCP, Nepali Congress and even the ruling parties participated in the obstruction.

Soon after the meeting started and NCP PA member Shatrughan Mahato announced to obstruct the meeting, citing the absence of the chief minster, other PA members representing NCP, NC and even Rastriya Janata Party PA member Upendra Mahato followed him and obstructed the meeting.  Mahato vowed to continue obstructing meetings until CM presented himself at the meeting and explained the delay.

Today itself members of local consumer committees set up for the development projects that were completed last year also staged a demonstration in front of the PA building. They also sought the resignation of the chief minister, calling him a failure.