Janakpurdham, April 11

Province 2 Chief, Ratneshwor Lal Kayastha, unveiled the policy and programmes of provincial government for the fiscal year 2018-19.

In the policy and programme, he stressed that the government would accord priority to good governance, empowerment, and development. Chure regional conservation policy will be brought to prevent desertification of Madhes region.

Data reflecting the present economic, social, infrastructure and human development will be collected and made public. Plan for short, mid and long terms will be formulated with the cooperation of various bodies.

Similarly, the government will cooperate and collaborate with the federal government to construct the Sunkoshi-Kamala diversion, while cooperation will be sought from the federal government to make effective irrigation from the Bagmati and Narayani rivers. The issues of farmers will be given priority with the facility of irrigation, subsidised agriculture loan, establishment of chilling centres, mechanisation, technical training, availability of seeds and chemical fertilisers and storage of grains, among others.

Efforts will be made to bring sick industries back into operation and also to implement national pride projects in the province.

Discouraging strikes, shut-down and obstruction of industry and transportation, Province 2 government will launch programmes as such as Beti padhau, beti bachau (Educate daughter, protect daughter) and conserve religious shrines and upgrade the regional and district level hospitals and medical colleges.

With the preservation of indigenous cultures, tourism promotion will be focused upon, added Chief of the province Kayastha.

Meanwhile, Magh 5 will be marked as Madhes Movement day in the province.