Province 5 CC meeting starts in Butwal

BUTWAL: The coordination council of Province 5 held its first meeting here today.

The meeting organised by the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers has the participation of chiefs and deputy chiefs of 109 local levels, coordinators of 12 district coordination committees and lawmakers, ministers and secretaries of the provincial government.

The coordination council, as per the Local Government Operation Act 2017 is the body that looks after development planning, management, strategic partnership, use of concurrent rights, use of natural and resources and their distribution.

Inaugurating the council meeting, Chief Minister Shankar Pokhrel said not sharing the resources among federal, provincial and local levels as per the constitutional provision was a hurdle to implementation of the constitution.

The definition of federalism is based on the principle of cooperation in line with the constitution, he said, adding that delay in formulation of law at the federal level on coordination and cooperation and resource sharing was creating uncertainty. The more the federal law is delayed, the more the confusion, he added.

The two-day meeting will mull on various areas related to the collaboration and cooperation in the three-tiers of governments as per the federal system.

Former vice-chair of National Planning Commission Pitambar Sharma made a presentation on the interrelation between the provincial government and the local level. He spoke on the challenges of good governance and development, relations among federal, provincial and local planning and sustainable development. Similarly, Chairman of Nepal Law Commission Madhav Poudel highlighted the interrelation between the laws at the province and local levels.

Baikuntha Aryal, representing the National Natural Resources and Finance Commission, made the participants aware of the tax system in the province and the local levels.