Nepalgunj, January 1

Province 5 Chief Minister Shankar Pokhrel, who came to inaugurate Visit Nepal 2020 programme of Province 5 in Bardiya, was welcomed with a potato cap and a paddy garland today.

Tharu farmers of Janaknagar Community Homestay of Province-5 welcomed CM Pokhrel with the potato cap and paddy garland at the inauguration programme of Visit Nepal-2020.

The province is implementing Visit Nepal 2020 with ‘Visit Bardiya’ slogan.

Bardiya is a pocket area of paddy and potato. The district has immense potential of agriculture.

“We welcomed Chief Minister Pokhrel with potato cap and paddy garland to draw the province government’s attention,” said Homestay Secretary Hariram Tharu. He added that if the province government provided assistance for modernised farming, Bardiya could produce adequate food for the district.

At the inauguration programme of Visit Nepal-2020, Chief Minister Pokhrel said the province government was formulating a plan to modernise agriculture in Bardiya. He pledged to bring out various projects targeting farmers.

Pokhrel said that his government would carry out agro-tourism with modernisation of agriculture in the district.