Province 7 community schools set example, improve sanitation

Dadeldhura, February 16

Some community schools in hilly districts of Province 7 are emerging as model academic institutions of late.

It has been reported that as many as 60 community schools in Doti, Dadeldhura, Achham and Baitadi districts have significantly improved their academic performance and upgraded sanitation conditions setting an example for other community schools.

Sita Ram Primary School of Bayal of KI Singh Rural Municipality runs classes using e-boards, besides being a model school in terms of sanitation conditions.

Rural Municipality Chairperson Lokendra Bahadur Shahi said around a dozen schools along with Sita Ram School in the RM became model schools as they introduced e-board in classrooms and launched a sanitation project supported by World Food Programme and National Non-governmental Organisation Nepal, a year ago.

“The newly constructed toilet and modern kitchen had not only contributed to maintain better sanitation but also helped to attract more number of students,” said head teacher Dal Bahadur Kunwar.

He also informed that a total of 104 students were studying at the school currently. “The number of students enrolled last year was just 50. The availability of e-boards, toilet and modern kitchen helped to increase the number of students,” said head teacher Kunwar.

“The students who maintained personal hygiene were only allowed to join e-board class so students started maintaining neatness and cleanliness. The children’s club formed at the school also helped a lot to maintain personal hygiene and sanitation of the school,” said Mina Joshi, a teacher.

Ramaroshan Rural Municipality Vice-chairperson Saraswoti Rawal said Kailasheshwor Primary School located in the remote area had emerged as a model school and considered better than even private boarding schools of Achham.

Management of necessary teaching materials in the classrooms, nail cutters, towels to maintain students’ personal hygiene helped to increase students’ enrollment compared to the last year, as per Rawal.