Province 7 to issue code of conduct for members of ministerial council

DHANGADHI: A meeting of the Council of Ministers of Province 7 on Wednesday has decided to issue code of conduct for members of ministerial council.

According to Pradeep Raj Kandel secretary at the Office of the Council of Ministers, the code of conduct includes morality of ministers, their behavior, maintaining distance with close relatives, enhancing professionalism by ministers and office bearers at the ministry.

The meeting has also decided to form three committees within the Council of Ministers as mini cabinets.

Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Prakash Bahadur Shah has been appointed as coordinator of Social and Infrastructure Committee.

Likewise, Political Committee coordinator has been assigned to Social Development Minister Dirga Sodhari.

Minister for Physical Infrastructure Pathan Singh Bohara has been assigned as coordinator for the Administration and Ordinance Committee.

Similarly, the meeting also decided to appoint Prakash Bahadur Shah as spokesperson of the Province 7.