PA members to get govt quarters

Hetauda, February 5

Hetauda sub-metropolis has said it will provide government quarters to all provincial lawmakers of Province 3. Though lawmakers in other provinces are obliged to find rented apartments, Province 3 temporary headquarters, however, proposed to provide government quarters to the lawmakers of the province as well.

“As we have a number of government structures here, providing accommodation to the lawmakers won’t be a difficult thing for us,” said Mayor Hari Bahadur Mahat, adding that quarters for to-be ministers and secretaries were ready. “As we’ve many other government offices, preparations are on to provide quarters to the lawmakers,” informed the mayor.

“Out of 110 lawmakers, 10 will be ministers while as many are from Makawanpur and Chitwan, so we might have to provide accommodation to 90 lawmakers,” he said. Unoccupied factory buildings and their quarters will be used as residential facilities.

Meanwhile, the erstwhile Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority building will be appropriated for the residence of the chief minister. The building has been unoccupied after the CIAA shifted to its own building.

While quarters for the speaker and deputy speaker have been fixed at the Road Division Office complex, ministers will be staying in the quarters of Hetauda Cement Industry.