Provincial infrastructure company in the offing

HETAUDA: Following Province 3 Chief Minister Dormani Poudel’s bold announcement that his government would oversee construction of the Bhimphedi-Kulekhani Tunnel Highway, a cabinet meeting paved the way to that end and agreed on drafting laws to facilitate setting up of a provincial infrastructure company, today.

Province 3 cabinet has principally agreed on terms forwarded by State Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development led by the CM himself after the sacking of former state minister Keshav Staphit.

Earlier, the CM had said that although the government signed an agreement in 2012 with Nepal Infrastructure Development Company to complete the tunnel way within four years, the Company has so far not even started a scratch of work on the project. So the provincial government would undertake the construction.

Likewise the meeting also took seven decisions including endorsement of a draft tabled by Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers (OCMCM) on province’s strategy to combat corruption.