Bharatpur, December 15

Speakers, deputy speakers and secretaries of all seven provinces held a meeting in Sauraha, Chitwan, today.

The gathering was organised by the Province 3 assembly for sharing inter-provincial concerns.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Krishna Bahadur Mahara inaugurated the assembly.

On the occasion, Speaker Mahara viewed that the nation would fail if federalism became unsuccessful. He stressed on the need to strengthen national unity for development of the country.

Speaker Mahara also urged the provincial assemblies to help frame laws to ease the functioning of the provincial governments.

National Assembly Chair Ganesh Timilsina suggested building modern parliament buildings in all the provinces.

Stating that discussions would be held in the winter session of the Parliament on the jurisdiction of the federal parliament and provincial assemblies, Timilsina said it would be easy for the provinces to frame laws after that.

He added that lack of physical infrastructure and employees was the main problem faced by the provinces, which he believed, would be resolved soon.

Province 3 Speaker Sanukaji Shrestha shared that the gathering had been organized to share experiences regarding the works carried out by provincial assemblies. He said discussions focussed on how collaboration and coordination could be built among the provincial assemblies regarding formulation of laws. The gathering also issuing the Chitwan Declaration.