Public toilets in Bajura district HQ in poor state


Most of the public toilets in Bajura district headquarters, Martadi, are in poor state. As a result, human excreta is a common sight in Martadi, which was declared an open defecation free zone six years ago.

Some of the toilets are in dilapidated condition while others are poorly managed and are hardly used. Lack of usable public lavatory has affected traders and customers.

As public facilities are in poor state, people either use toilets of hotels and restaurants or are simply obliged to relieve themselves in the open.

“People who come to the bus park have no option but to defecate in the open,” said local Kalak Nepali. It is an irony that the place — long declared an ODF zone — has faeces all over, he added.

Moreover, many other trade centres in Bajura face similar plight due to lack or poor management of public toilets.