Rajbiraj, December 9:

YCL chairman Ganeshman Pun today warned of forming a parallel government if the Nepali Congress disagrees to hold the CA polls on the basis of proportional electoral system.

Speaking at a public hearing function organised here, he said: “PM Girija Prasad Koirala’s right to stay as a PM will end if the proposal of proportional electoral system passed by the special session of the parliament was not implemented.”

“If PM Koirala did not resign in such condition, a parallel government of republicans will be formed,” he said.

When asked on the YCL’s involvement in criminal activities, he said: “Though there are some mistakes, we will go ahead by mending our ways.”

Referring to Prachanda’s statement of including nationalists who are supporters of the monarchy, Pun said that his remark is not meant to king Gyanendra’s supporters, but to those nationalists having inclination to the monarchy in the past.