Quota adjustment

KHOTANG: Authorities in Khotang have started adjustment of quota teachers with the aim of improving the education sector here. The District Education Office has decided to increase, reduce, re-distribute and relocate the teachers’ quota as part of the adjustment plan in view of poor SLC results this year.

“As some schools have more teachers than the quota while others have very few teachers, we hope the adjustment plan will facilitate proportional distribution of teachers in local schools and gradually improve the quality of education,” said DEO Ganesh Prasad Bhattarai.

According to DEO Information Officer Min Kumar Thapa, schools having low number of students will be merged if deemed necessary. “There has been no increase in the quota for the past four-five years, so the adjustment is a must,” said Thapa. There are 313 primary, 56 lower secondary, 90 secondary and 31 higher secondary schools in the district. As per DEO sources, adjustment of 2,157 quota teachers is on the cards.