Rabies-infected wild rats terrorise locals

Lamjung, March 12

Locals havebecome terrified after rabid wild rats started attacking villagers and domestic animals in several villages of Lamjung.

Rabies-infected wild rats have bitten dozens of domestic animals. Dr Laxman Bahadur Dhakal, chief of District Livestock Service Office said dozens of domestic animals died after wild rats bit them at Hileksar, Taxar, Chiti, Besisahar and Simapani, among other areas.

It is said the wild rats were found to be infected with rabies after the rats were killed and tested in the Regional Animal Diseases Investigation Laboratory.

Meanwhile, the office has started administering anti-rabies vaccines on domestic animals free of cost. The office informed that the symptoms were seen among animals in three to 14 days after the infected rats bit them.

Sources at the office added that symptoms could also be seen after a year, among some animals. Dr Dhakal said that anti-rabies vaccine has to be administered five times to the animals.

Dr Dhakal said that milk from animals bitten by rats could be used after boiling. “But meat cannot be consumed during the time of treatment and before six months,” he informed. Dhakal added that an effort to bring the rats under control was under way.