Rain ruins raw bricks

Damauli, December 14

Brick entrepreneurs have lamented the loss they suffered due to the recent rainfall.

As per data of the Brick Industry Association, Tanahun, raw bricks worth around 20 million rupees were damaged by the rainfall on Thursday and Friday. “The bricks were ready for baking, but were damaged by the rainfall,” said Brick Industry Association Tanahun Chairperson Balkrishna Ghimire.

According to Ghimire, he alone had borne loss to the tune of over two million rupees due to the rain. “There are10 brick factories, both big and small, in Myagde RM alone, and all of them and those in other parts of the district have suffered loss from the rain,” he said.

Brick entrepreneurs have bemoaned lack of any provision of relief for them, saying it was

injustice on part of the government not to provide relief for the entrepreneurs despite the fact that they have been paying

huge amount in tax to the state every year.

Brick entrepreneur Kedar Ghimire expressed his concern about the reluctance of insurance companies to provide insurance service for brick factories. “Some 200,000 raw bricks in my factory were damaged. I could only save one million bricks from the rain,” said Ghimire.