Long after it was declared as a municipality, Rajbiraj still lacks a bus park. Set up as a town in 1946, it was declared a municipality in 1959. But as there is no bus park thus far, vehicle owners are bound to park their vehicles on the road itself.

As vehicles are parked on the road, it has not only created congestion on the busy road but also increased the risk of accident.

Besides, the trend of roadside-parking has also caused littering and pollution problems, leading to health problems among pedestrians and people residing on the roadside.

On his part, bus entrepreneur Sitaram Sah of Rajbiraj described parking vehicles on the roadside as a compulsion. "We want to park our vehicles in a purpose-built facility, but since there is no bus park thus far, we are compelled to pull over our vehicles on the roadside itself," he said.

Construction of a bus park had started here more than three years ago. The facility is being constructed on four kattha land near Rajdevi temple in Rajbiraj Municipality. But years after the project started, it is still far from completion, thanks to the delay in work by the contractor.

Kuleshwor-based Synergy Builders Pvt Ltd of Kathmandu is constructing the facility for 163.896 million rupees.

A version of this article appears in the print on July 29 2021, of The Himalayan Times.