School adopts strict measures against absenteeism

Khotang, July 9

Ramche Niketan Secondary School of Batabase-9, Khotang has adopted stringent measures to discourage high rates of absenteeism prevalent among teachers.

According to Chairman of the school management committee Indra Prasad Dangal, the school has decided to deduct teachers’ salaries for the number of days they remain absent without proper reason.

“We had no option but to adopt this policy as the high rate of absenteeism affected the students’ studies,” said Dangal, adding that the school has already adopted the policy.

A school teacher is entitled to 12 days leave a year apart from public holidays.

As per the provision, teachers need to inform the school administration and the school management committee in case of need for leave excess of what is thus provisioned.

Meanwhile, the school has also started imposing a fine for absenteeism among students.

As per the new rule devised in consultation with guardians, students are subject to a fine of Rs 10 for each day of remaining absent from school. The school has also introduced school uniform for students.

Some 335 students are studying at the school that has a two-room earthquake-resistant building constructed recently with funds provided by the district education office.