BANKE: Guarab Rastogi, a resident of Tribhuwanchowk in Nepalgunj, who was kidnapped a week ago, is yet to be released even after his family paid the ransom to the abductors.
An unidentified gang had abducted Gaurab near Surkhetroad-based Dream Land Hotel in Nepalgunj while returning from Rupaidiya.
Gaurab’s father Murari, proprietor of Nepalgunj based Gaurab Enterprises, said that his son was not released even when he paid a sum of Rs 7 lakh to the abductors.
The abductors had demanded a ransom of Rs 40 million a day after the kidnapping through a sky mobile phone.
However, the abductors had settled for Rs 7 lakh after four days of negotiations.
“I handed the amount three days ago, but they have yet to release my son,” Murari said. He also accused the police of not being able to take any action for the safe release of his son.
However, Inspector Mingmar Lama said that investigation into Gaurab’s abduction was underway.Meanwhile, Nepalgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industries (NCCI) issuing a press release on Monday, demanded that the government
and the local administration make efforts for the safe release of abducted Gaurab Rastogi.
The NCCI also warned to stage strong protest programmes if Gaurab was not released within 24 hours.