BARA, OCTOBER 16 Rape cases have been rising in Bara for some years. If data of the past three years is anything to go by, 95 rape cases have happened in the past three years in the district. While 75 perpetrators in those cases have been booked, 38 others are on the run. Data has it that 13 rape cases were registered in fiscal 2017/18. The number continued to surge in 2018/19 and 2019/20, to 33 and 44, respectively. While 12 persons were held in connection with the rape cases registered in 2017/18, the number of perpetrators was 29 and 31, in fiscals 2017/2016 and 2016/2015, respectively. Around 36 persons involved in those cases have been on the run. Five rape cases have been registered in the first three months of the current fiscal year. In those cases, three persons involved in rape incidents have been booked so far and two are on the run. According to DSP Gautam Mishra of Bara police, the southern belt of the district has recorded more rape cases compared to the northern part. “The figures are only about the rape cases that were reported to us. Many rape incidents in remote villages go unreported and are settled through some monetary compensation,” said DSP Mishra. He reiterated that the police won’t spare anyone found to be involved in any sort of settlement over rape cases. Women rights activist, Gita Kandel sought stringent punishment to those who try to cover up such incidents by getting the perpetrators to pay some money as part of compensation.