253 killed, 579 injured in far-western road accidents in two years

DHANGADHI: The increasing road accidents in the Far-Western region of Nepal have proved risky and unsafe travelling via road.

During the period of two year from July 17, 2015 to July 15, 2017, total 339 road accidents have been reported in which 253 people have lost their lives while 579 have been injured including the crippled in the incidents, according to the Spokesperson Jaya Singh Bista at the Far West Regional Police Office, Dipayal.

The poor conditions of roads due to the intermittent landslides and various natural calamities have contributed to the increase in the number of fatalities on the road.

Traffic Police Inspector Bista said that the rapid rise in the road accidents has added an element of risk in travelling via road in the Far-Western Development Region. The commuters and passengers have to travel at their own risk.

"Poor infrastructure, geological conditions, failure of equipment and human error are the key factors leading to the road accidents," Bista added. He said, the accidents could be minimised by building a storm drain, road signboards, and prohibiting night time travel.

Most of the old vehicles overloaded with passengers and goods are common in the Far-western Nepal, frequently, meeting with accidents, according to Shiva Kumar Nepal, the Director at the Far West Regional road directorate.